Silver How

ONE Wainwright walk: Silver How

Walk Rating:⭐⭐

Time: 2 - 3 hours 

Parking: at Elterwater. Some free spaces on the roadside but, otherwise, paid car parking.

Silver How from the ridge to its south-east

Silver How stands above Grasmere, a prominent height looking eastwards on the interesting ridge that continues to Blea Rigg, between Langdale and Easedale.

Walks to the top of the fell can be started from its Grasmere side or, as described below, from Elterwater. These two starting points could also be linked by the old corpse road that crosses the ridge near Red Bank to make a longer circular route.

Strava estimates a walking distance of around 5 km

Near the roadside parking at Elterwater

1. From where you have parked in Elterwater, walk some of the way up the minor road that leads up to the col at Red Bank. Then head across the hillside to your left, following a path towards the slight col in the ridge above.

The bracken covered hillside in autumn

2. You will join the route taken by the old corpse road from Chapel Stile to Grasmere.

Walking up to the col on the old corpse road 

3. At the top, instead of carrying onwards down towards Grasmere, take the path that climbs up onto the ridge to your left.

Climb up the winding path from the col

4. From here, there are various paths across the knolls and dips of the ridge that will take you towards Silver How. Bearing right, towards lower ground, provides the most direct route.

Silver How ahead (note the gully on the right)

5. On this route, you will see Grasmere and Rydal Water down below you as you make your way over towards Silver How.

Looking down over Grasmere and Rydal Water

4. When you reach the foot of Silver How, a steep path takes you up a gully to the cairn marking the top of the fell (1292').

The Langdale Pikes from the top of Silver How

5. A gentler way off the fell takes a path heading along its southern flank, back to the ridge overlooking Langdale. You can follow the ridge along the top of Spedding Crag back towards the col and the old corpse road.

Walking back along the ridge

6. On your way down to Elterwater, look out for the carnivorous bog plants that grow well on this wet hillside.

On the hillside above Elterwater

Worth knowing: The rest of the ridge running north-west towards Blea Rigg from Silver How is well worth further exploration. In particular, it provides some excellent viewing points towards the Langdale Pikes and Bowfell.

The Langdale Pikes and Bowfell in January snow

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